Credit Restoration & Education Program


Path to Prosperity (Monthly Plan)

$149 to enroll $89 per month

(Your monthly payment begins 30 days after your enrollment payment, you may cancel anytime.)


Please submit your information on the secure form below to enroll with Prosperity 1st Financial. After you submit your information, you will be redirected to a scheduling page to schedule your welcome call with our team. We look forward to speaking with you!



1. As a client you will be required to keep the credit monitoring system that we use active the entire time you are in any of our programs, this is an additional $21.99 a month. We need to be able to see all 3 reports in detail. This acts as our eyes and ears when communicating with the credit bureaus, as well as updating you. If you let your credit monitoring cancel, and do not update it in a timely manner, you will be canceled as a client.

2. If you are in an active bankruptcy, DO NOT SIGN UP for our services. If your bankruptcy has been dismissed or discharged, you can continue with the enrollment process.

3. If you are currently behind on your bills and cannot pay them on time for the next 6-8 months, please do not sign up for our services. We want you to get the most of out of this process as possible and paying your bills late will hurt you regardless of our efforts in other areas.

4. Credit repair is a team effort, paying your bills on time, building/adding positive credit and paying your credit card balances down is what we expect out of all our clients. If you are not willing to consistently do these things and follow the personal action plan we give you, please do not sign up for our services.

Your enrollment fee will be charged to your card once your new client onboarding is complete.  If your onboarding is not complete within 72 hours of your portal being turned on, we will cancel your account with Prosperity 1st Financial.  Monthly payments start 30 days after your enrollment payment, and is based on the anniversary date. *if your card is charged on the 2nd of the month, your set payment date will be the 2nd of the month throughout the program. We allow clients to move their payment date by 5 days. You can request this by contacting customer service at 843-968-1035.